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Within the insurance and restoration industry, periods of high demand are called catastrophe (“cat”) situations.  More often than not, these situations are brought on by significant weather events that cause widespread damage to property and cripple the region’s restoration resources with a severe influx of emergency service calls.  Regional restoration companies are quickly depleted of labor and equipment and what was once a two hour response window becomes week long waiting lists for service.

Hydro Dri is committed to the continuous preparation for such situations to ensure that our clients receive priority response.  We retain extensive labor and equipment resources from both within Indiana and from out-of-state, which allows us to expand our service capacity upon demand.  Doing so provides our clients with response availability that surpasses that of our peers.





Flood damage can happen quickly, leaving homeowners reeling from the consequences. Many want to jump in and fix everything themselves. However, this mistake can be both costly and dangerous. It is best if a professional company with experience in this type of restoration is employed.

The average person likely does not have the knowledge or equipment in restoring property that has flood damage. While it may seem obvious that some materials need to be removed, water can seep into other surfaces. Homeowners who have experienced flooding have sentimental attachments to belongings that can prevent them from honestly assessing whether or not the item will be safe in the future. Standing water or wet interiors are dangerous. This must be properly extracted or wood rot, toxic mold or other forms of extensive damage may occur.

There are certain pathways that water will take that professionals understand. In the event of a localized flood, some people may not realize that water has spread to another room or under their foundation. A flood damage restoration company can follow these lines and discover any additional waters that must be removed.

Also, their equipment is far more powerful than a home wet-vac. Even a shop vac that is stronger than what many use in their homes has a limited strength. These are fantastic for many natural situations but, they are incapable of heavy duty jobs. The longer water sits, the more dangerous it becomes and the greater the chance of expensive damage occurring.

If you have had the misfortune of having a flood damage your home, do not increase the problem by trying to handle it yourself. You need to contact a flood damage restoration specialist immediately. They can come to your home, assess the damage, and begin rectifying the situation immediately.