Commercial Pre-Disaster Planning

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin

Planning for disastrous events that are unexpected, and hopefully unlikely, is the difference between a reactive and a proactive organization.  With a plan, the restoration process that could have been unnecessarily costly and devastating can be achieved with tact and efficiency.  This saves your organization not only from a significant financial loss, but a significant loss in operations.  Hydro Dri has developed the PREP Program to respond to your emergencies with prioritized speed and efficiency.

PPE Response Graphic copy

Custom Emergency Preparation

As a Member of Hydro Dri’s PREP program, your emergency needs are our priority.  To meet those needs, Hydro Dri invests time and research into the development of your custom plan.  Such development includes gaining a knowledge and understanding of your facilities and emergency procedures.

Who are your emergency contacts? Where is your facility control room?  What materials do you have in place that may require advanced structural drying?  From parking and security to blueprints and work authorizations, the logistics of responding to a disaster within your facilities are detailed and documented.

Prioritized Response and Restoration Protocol Execution

With this proactive preparation, execution of a restoration plan is immediate.  Your partnership with Hydro Dri ensures prioritized response, even during catastrophic events that otherwise would cause delays.  Your key personnel are equipped with our contact information and certified restorers and the necessary drying equipment are on-site shortly after their call, 24/7/365.  Our pre-signed Emergency Work Authorization removes the scramble of locating authorized signors during the potential chaos of an emergency situation.  Emergency restoration services rendered are line-item billed using the most up-to-date industry standard regional price list prepared and maintained by Xactimate Estimating Software.

Membership in Hydro Dri’s PREP Program gives you the ability to protect your organization from undue damages.  It is free and it is non-contractual.  It is simply the understanding that with a dedicated commitment to your needs, Hydro Dri is your premier water damage restoration resource.